Young Engineers has gone Online - Getting Started!

Young Engineers Online – Getting Started package includes;

  • Young Engineers Student Kit.

  • Young Engineers Play Machines I

  • and more….

Play Machines

Play Machines is an online program, created to accommodate online engineering education for students using LEGO® compatible building blocks.

Play Machines models rely more on pins (or nails) than studs (you may need to ask a kid what this means) and students will enjoy a new style of building.  The course is suitable for children 6-10 years old and will offer new challenges to those that have already participated in Bricks Challenge.


Play Machines Student Kit

The Play Machines Student Kit contains 369 LEGO® compatible pieces including building blocks, motor and battery pack.

To make Play Machines as affordable as possible we have used LEGO® compatible building blocks.  You probably wouldn’t notice if we didn’t tell you.

The recommended retail price for the Play Machines Student Kit is $199. 

So what is in the package?

  • The Play Machines Student Kit. 
  • Online video instructions to prepare for the course.
  • Parents receive a weekly email with;
    • Explanation of the previous week,
    • Preparations for the next week,
    • Links to progress page,
    • Contact details for any questions.
  • Ten online classes conducted with an instructor over Zoom.
  • For one week after each class you will have access to a recorded version of the lesson so you can do it over again.
  • Challenges which the child can attempt after the class finishes.
  • Cool Builds Page – where kids get to compare and show-off what they have built.

What happens when I buy the getting started kit?

  • To avoid current delivery problems we will hand deliver the kits – You should receive the kit within 2 business days.
  • After you have enrolled your kit will be delivered with options for Online Workshop day & times.
  • Parents choose from a list of available times for the online workshop. 
  • Parents will receive an email with instructions how to prepare for the online workshops.
  • Children can unpack their Play Machines Kit with the online unpacking video.
  • Children are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the kit prior to first workshop (aka Playing)
  • Parents will receive weekly updates on what has happened and preparations for next week.
  • Parent are encouraged to use their judgement to decide if kids need supervision during workshops – This will mainly depend on childs age and experience with online workshops and engineering workshops.

Play Machines I

Play Machines I  combines the Play Machines Student Kit with ten online workshops with a Young Engineers Instructor.  The models are different to Bricks Challenge and centre around pins rather than studs – you may needs to get your Kid to explain that to you.

Play Machines II

Play Machines II  uses the same Play Machines Kit as Play Machines I.  Play Machines II  has ten new models and continues the online STEM journey for your child.  Play Machines II is available after your child has completed Play Machines I.

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